Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday O's autos

I went to Tuesday's O's-Mets game in the hopes of getting the two current Mets players who are former Orioles. Anyone know who they are? They aren't very big names, more backup types. They both are Hispanic. Any guesses yet?

They are Omir Santos and Fernando Tatis, and I was hoping that they would sign a card for me, but had no luck. In fact, I only saw Brian Schneider & Livan Hernandez sign for a handful of people while the rest of the Mets avoided the throng of their fans at OPACY.

Especially in the case of Santos, I have two of his 08 Tides cards, one of which I sent to the Mets AAA affiliate the week he was called up so that card is in limbo, while the other is still in my possession. But I am now reluctant to send that one out since I would prefer to avoid buying another complete 08 set just for him. And that is my thought and concern that goes into obtaining a backup catcher's autograph. Hey, it's a collection not an obsession, right?

Well anyway, on the Orioles side of the field I had much better luck. I saw George Sherrill, (2 games signing in a row!?! attaboy Brim Reaper!!) Rich Hill, and Brad Bergesen signing but narrowly missed out on them. I did have better luck with Dave Trembley,

This one's available for trade if you still need him

Dennis Sarfate,

and Ty Wigginton!!!
This was my first time getting Ty to sign and he was the last member of the '09 Opening Day lineup that I did not yet have an autograph of.

Ty commented that Topps was nice enough to misspell his last name on this card. I hadn't even noticed even though this card has been with my set all season. But that is pretty funny, it would be even funnier if he signed his card "Wiggington".

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Anonymous said...

Topps didn't do a very good job proofing their cards this year... the "Wiggington" card in Heritage, "Sharon" Martis in Topps Series 2 -- who knows how many others are out there.

It's too bad that the Mets aren't better signers, but they really haven't been for some time. :(