Friday, February 7, 2014

First FanFest Follow-Up

The other day, I briefly wrote about all of the autographs that I got at Fanfest. Well starting today, I'm going to go into a bit more detail about the cards that I got signed and their places in my collection. 

I'm going to start out with the three autographs that I got that are going directly into my collection. All three are personalized upgrades I got from guys who had already made their Orioles debuts. I got a number of autographs from players who are new to the O's organization, but until they make their debut, they don't belong in this post. 

This was my first in-person autograph from Bigbie (well technically my dad went through this line and got this signed, but you know what I mean); the card that had been in my collection was a certified Bowman autograph that is now available for trade. During Bigbie's time in Baltimore, I wasn't actively getting autographs, so I missed him during his playing days. But I was very happy to see him brought in as a different member of the alumni group. 

This was also my first in-person Clevenger autograph. I never got a chance to get him during the end of last season, and this will replace his Cubs certified signature in my collection. Steve seems like a really nice guy, and with his local connection, I hope that he has success with the O's. This OMC is also Steve's first and only Orioles card at this point, and as a back-up catcher, I don't anticipate his being included in any sets in the near future. 

"Hammering Hank" as Roch has been known to call him, and my dad picked up on for this OMC, got a chuckle out of signing this card for us (Urrutia was at the station with Bigbie, so my dad took care of this one too). I got him to sign a few different Old Man Cards in spring training last year, but his English wasn't nearly as good as it is now, and he didn't understand my request. 

As always, thanks to my dad for producing these awesome OMCs that we enjoy getting signed and many of the players really seem to enjoy seeing. 

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