Friday, March 21, 2014

Unpossible Autograph Friday- Terry Mathews 2

Just over two years ago, former Orioles pitcher Terry Mathews passed away at the way too young age of 47. I wrote a post about his passing at the time.

I mentioned in that post that Terry was featured on just a single card Orioles card that came out fairly well after his time in Baltimore and near the end of his career. And it was in the relatively obscure Pacific Online set to boot. I figured that I would never find a signed copy of that card. You can fairly easily find his autograph on his many Rangers and Marlins cards, but I thought it was entirely possible that Terry had never signed a single copy of that Orioles card. Until about two weeks ago, that is.

This bad boy is now in my collection and I couldn't be happier. I got it for a very reasonable price and I was able to knock another name off of my need list. Day, made.


zman40 said...

Nice upgrade!

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks buddy! I was really happy to get it!