Monday, May 19, 2014

A Caleb Joseph Rainbow

 I told you that I collected Caleb Joseph's cards. Here is the non-signed Bowman rainbow part of my collection.

Caleb's only major release to date was this inclusion in the 2010 Bowman set. I have most of the versions available, left to right that is the chrome base, black border, purple chrome refractor /999, blue /520, blue chrome refractor /250, orange /250, gold chrome refractor /50, and (thanks to my dad for finding this one) orange chrome refractor 1/25.

So as far as I know, I am only missing the red chrome refractor /5, and the 1/1 superfractor and four printing plates. I don't go to much expense with this mini-collection so I doubt any of those ultra-rare cards will ever join these guys, but time will tell. Maybe I'll get lucky!

In the meantime, I hope that Caleb can continue to have success at the MLB level. It's so cool that a player I've followed over the years in the minors is holding his own with the O's.

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