Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Graphing at the Yard in 2014

After my Orioles Alumni Autograph post from the other day, I figured I would naturally segue into my other graphing expereinces at Oriole Park thus far in 2014. And then I realized that they were pretty limited; as in, I think I've only gotten 2 non-alumni autographs in Baltimore so far this season. Which is already 1/3 over, so I should probably step my game up.

My main issue has been time or a lack thereof, but I know that we all struggle to balance real life with the fun stuff so I won't dwell on that point. I have been able to make it out to a few games but for various reasons I haven't been able to get there early enough to grab some autographs. Oh, and I was thwarted by a few little league days, which consist of a parade of approximately 10,000 (my estimate) local little leaguers walking around the warning track prior to some Sunday games. It's an awesome experience for the kids, but not so much for a grapher who has the kids between himself and any chance at accessing the players.

So here are the two autographs I've managed to add to my collection at Camden Yards so far in 2014. I got these both signed the same day, prior to an Orioles-Royals game.

My big haul was getting long-time Oriole Jeremy Guthrie to personalize a card for me. I had gotten Jeremy's autograph a number of times over the years he spent in Baltimore but wasn't doing the personalized autograph thing quite as much back then. When he was with the O's and was asked to sign his Indians cards, he always added "Go O's" to those signatures, so I wasn't sure if I could expect a "Go Royals" inscription from him. But he obviously didn't add it, and I guess that means he probably doesn't have any animosity towards the Orioles. Or something along those lines.

The other card I got signed that day was this amazing old card of the Orioles pitching coach, Dave Wallace. I'm pretty sure it's a 1986 ProCards card commemorating his time as a coach with the Albuquerque Dukes. I bought it in the offseason, since he has very few mainstream cards out there, and before I realized that I would have Old Man Cards of him in an Orioles uniform in hand. But I forgot it on my Spring Training trip and was happy to get it signed. Dave was walking past most of the fans, but generally, with an older guy like him, when you flash a 30ish year old card in front of his face, it seems to slow a guy down and make him much more likely to sign. In my experiences at least.

So that's it for my 2014 OPACY success thus far in the season. I need to get out there and try to add some autographs to my collection as I currently have nothing signed by Nick Hundley, and could use personalized upgrades for Caleb Joseph and Preston Guilmet.


zman40 said...

Nice additions! I love getting the random minor league card signed.

Orioles Magic said...

Yeah, especially the old ones are always fun