Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All-Star Game Recap from an Orioles' Fan's Perspective

So the American League team got crushed 8-0 in last night's All-Star game, and was down 5-0 after the top of the first inning, so it was never really much of a game. 

But from where I stand as an Orioles fan, the score of the game might have been a blessing in that all three of the Orioles on the team got to appear in that game. It doesn't always work out that way for non-starters on a relatively unpopular team. Now as long as that home-field advantage thing doesn't turn around to bite them should they make it to the World Series...but who am I kidding? If the team actually makes it that far, I think I will be in an nonfluctuating state of euphoria. 

Here are the screen-shots I grabbed of the All-Star Orioles during the game last night. Please don't get mad at me FOX!

My favorite player, Matt Wieters, came in to the game as a defensive replacement  in the top of the sixth inning and stayed in for the rest of the game. 

As did Adam Jones, who also had the first pitch of the inning hit to him in center field before the awful Buck & McCarver could even spit out the defensive changes. They were probably talking about State Farm or Chevy of something.

Wieters got two at-bats, flying out to the outfield in both trips to the plate, including the last out of the game. Interestingly, he faced two different Phillies pitchers in both of his plate appearances (Hamels & Papelbon).

Jim Johnson came in to pitch in the top of the 8th inning and mowed down the N.L. hitters in order. 

But my favorite moment of the night had to be this...

Really Bryce? You're gonna lose a routine fly ball in your first chance in the All-Star Game? Thanks for the laughs!


Paul said...

I was very entertained by young Mr. Harper's "skillful" play and his shiny gold shoes, lol

Orioles Magic said...

Yes, living in the Baltimore-Washington area, it's been hard to avoid the Harper hype machine so far this year. It's good to see that he is human!