Thursday, July 12, 2012

The End of the Road for Vlad's Orioles Cards

A few weeks ago, I speculated about how many more Orioles cards would be produced of Vlad as the months continued to add up since his time with the Orioles had clearly ended. In that post, I mentioned that he was scheduled to be included in the 2012 Allen & Ginter set, as card #252, and likely would have been featured as an Oriole. This meant I would need to collect another card, and it's multitude of variations, for my Vlad Orioles collection.

But when Allen & Ginter starting popping up this week, I noticed that Vlad didn't appear to be included in the set and that card #252 featured likely future Oriole Tsuyoshi Wada. Wada was signed by the O's this past off-season but had Tommy John surgery in May and is out for the season. I was able to get one of his Japanese cards signed during my spring training trip, but I will now need to get a copy of his A&G card signed for my collection, assuming that he ever appears in a game for the O's.

Anyway, I guess what this means is that I can probably expect to no longer find any new Orioles cards of Vlad. Which is just fine with me. This was to be a mini-collection that has ended up being much larger than I anticipated.

It seems as if this Topps Historical Stitches manupatch could possibly be the final card that pictures Vlad as an O. And that's just fine with me. But not to worry, I still have some scanned Orioles cards of his that I have  yet to have shown on the blog.

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