Friday, December 14, 2012

Orioles Coaches Collection Pt. 2 & Congrats to Bobby Dickerson

Around the time that I was writing the first part of my Orioles coaches email yesterday, the Orioles officially announced that they had hired a new third base coach for the 2013 season, Bobby Dickerson.

Luckily, I already had Bobby's autograph in my collection, as he had been a minor league instructor for the organization over the past few seasons. Even better is the fact that Bobby played in the organization back in the day, so this autograph is going to stay in my collection, with the likely addition of a team-issued Orioles postcard.

Moving on to wrap up the various signed coaches cards in my collection...In case you missed it, yesterday I profiled some of the types of signed items of Orioles coaches that are in my collection. Today, I'm showing off the rest.

Many of the men who have coached for the Orioles played at the MLB during their career and were thusly included in some major release sets for whichever teams they played with; this variety of autograph makes up a good 20-25% of my coaches collection.

 Some other coaches were MLB managers at some point along the way, and so signed copies of the cards that commemorated their assorted managerial stints reside in my collection.

While a couple other guys were at one point minor league managers or players and so signed versions of those cards fill their spots in my collection.

 I love pulling out a fairly rare card like this for a guy like Graham to sign. There aren't many of these going around and guys like Graham (who is currently some sort of O's minor league instructor) don't typically get many autograph requests.

If you're wondering why there are two cards from the AA Eastern League Harrisburg Senators, they are the team that was closest to my hometown of Carlisle, PA, so I've been to more than my share of Senators games.

I also have this Orioles signed team card of Stearns from during the time of his O's coaching stint. I never know how to feel about these team signed cards. They are obviously better than nothing, but I still prefer to see a picture of a person with my autographs. Which is why I'm such a fan of my dad's custom cards.

Finally, to finish off the collection, I present to you my autograph a man who was an Orioles coach in 1963, and also happens to be in the Hall of Fame for his on-field success during his playing career, Mr. Luke Appling.

I particularly like this autograph as it fits in both my Orioles coach collection, and my minuscule HOF postcard collection. Two birds with one stone is my kind of thing.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my autographs of the men who have helped to shape the Orioles over the years.

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