Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Training Success

I'm back from my Spring Training trip, and I had an absolute blast. I got in some quality time with my parents and in-laws, and got to watch three Orioles games. Oh and I got some autographs. 

Including a few signatures from the one man whose name I needed to scratch off of my need list, Mr. Luis Ayala. The funny thing is that I didn't get Luis's signature until my last two times of getting autographs and I was becoming mildly concerned that I would go home without getting him to sign one of his new Orioles cards. But those worries were all for naught and I came home with three Ayala signatures on O's cards.

My grand total for the week was 276 autographs of Orioles and O's minor leaguers, including a high of 97 in a single morning spent at the minor league complex. Unfortunately, I have yet to scan any of my new autographs, but I hope to begin the process tonight. At my recent rate of getting my blog things taken care of, the process could take months. But I do plan to show off the signatures I got over the coming days/weeks.

A big thank you to my mom and dad for putting up with my autograph-collecting junky self and even helping me to obtain some of those signatures. Thanks for everything guys!


Kirk Jacobson said...

I am interested in an Ayala if not personalized. Also would love first crack at any other newbies if available after posting. Very jealous about your trip.

unclemoe said...

Awesome! Any day you go home with 90+ is a good day.

zman40 said...

That is amazing! I thought I was doing good after my 65 card run in Arizona, with 37 as a single day high.

I bow down to you.

Orioles Magic said...

Kirk- Unfortunately, my only non-personalized Ayala is already spoken for. I will let you know what all is available once I sort everything out though.

Thanks Moe, I totally agree, it was my highest ever.

Zach- In fairness, those 97 were pretty much all minor leaguers and coaches, but it was still awesome! I hope you had fun in AZ.