Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Idea

So as a life long Orioles fan and baseball card/autograph collector, I decided that the logical collection for me would be Orioles autographs on baseball cards. I specifically like having the player sign a card of himself in an Orioles Uniform, but sometimes that isn't possible, so any card of the player has to do. My eventual goal is to have an autograph of every player to ever wear there Oriole Uniform from 1954-now.

Over the years I have put my collection together with in-person signings, TTM requests, and at games. I have yet to exactly catalog everything that I have but I hope to have this done shortly. Once that is taken care of I plan on updating my future successes, which hopefully will be many, on my blog. I've been motivated to start sharing this process by checking out all of the other baseball-centric sites in the blogosphere. I have been in touch with a few of the bloggers and love the passion behind their interests. I look forward to sharing my quest with you!


Dinged Corners said...

What an excellent project! Welcome to blogville.

Sharon said...


I found your blog because I've also been considering the monumental task of collecting all of the O's autographs. I've loved the team my whole life, have collected autographs off and on for 15 years, so collecting all of the Orioles' players just seems like the most natural thing to do.

Anyway, what is the best way to get in touch with you? I have two autographs on your wantlist (Jaret Wright & Rich Amaral) and would be glad to trade with you.

Also, I'm wondering if you have any "rules" to your project, e.g. do the cards have to show the players in an Orioles uniform?