Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cards from my dad and another TTM returned

This is something I have had on the back burner for a few weeks but my dad was cool enough to get me a few O's autographs two weeks ago. I don't know exactly when or where he got these cards but I've been meaning to thank him and show them off via my blog.

I thought I already had a Garrett Olson signed card but did not. This is a pretty cool Bowman Sterling for a player who just never put it together for us at the Major League level and was traded to the Cubs for Felix Pie this past offseason. I'm not really sold on "Pyay" (that's how I say it, not Pee-a) either, so eh.
The Cubs have since traded Garrett to the Mariners and I know he was called up to bigs for them at one point this season. I can't say that I care enough to see if he has pitched at all...

Dan Morgiello is also new to my collection. He briefly pitched for the O's during the 83 season which is why my dad was collecting him. He ended up with an extra auto and that in turn benefited me!

My dad also hooked me up with this Cory Doyne auto. This is the Topps certified edition of the card that Cory had signed my TTM of last month. This might be his only O's card.

Hal Brown returned my TTM request and was nice enough to personalize it for me too. He signed this card on the perfect spot so as to not write on his face or on the writing on the card. I would say he signed this like a pro!

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Dinged Corners said...

Wow, the Hal Brown is really nice.