Monday, August 31, 2009

An attempt to catch up...Orioles Alumni Autographs

I am so far behind on things I want to post that if I can share half of what I have I will still be a few weeks behind. If that even makes sense.

The two main things I will try to get to this week are my pictures and autographs from the Nats Picnic in the Park two Saturday's ago and my pictures from Harold Baines' Orioles Hall of Fame induction this past Saturday. I know Steve at White Sox Cards will be especially interested in those.

But today's post will showcase the autographs I've got at the past four or five Orioles Alumni Autograph series. Most of these are available in a trade if you are interested.

And here we go...

This was the first time I ever got Dave's autograph. Nice addition to my collection!

If you are an O's fan and don't have "the B's" autograph, you are doing something wrong.

My Devo autograph collection is much larger now than it was before. My favorite is the upside down one.

Ken Gerhart, yep.

This was the first time I got Ross's autograph in person. Check out his cards from back in the day. He had some wacky hair styles. This one wasn't too bad, in comparison at least.

John Habyan, another first time in person auto.

Billy Hunter was nice as always.

Dave Johnson is always around the Yard. Another guy that any O's collector should have.

McGregor is a local guy; which equals me having 50 autographs of his. Give or take 20.

Gary is not around nearly as much so I don't have very many of his signatures. And couldn't Donruss and Fleer changed the border colors up just a little bit? Ah, the 80s.

Dave made an appearance, taking a break from his Minor League duties.

My Larry Sheets autograph collection rivals my McGregor & Bumbry collections.

Bill Swaggerty doesn't look like this at all. At least, not anymore.

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