Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Back from my Trip, also my 100th Post!

Now that I am back from my week away from computers, blogging, fantasy baseball, and the rest of my normal routine, I am ready to share where I went and what I did. Since I took a lot of pictures and have a lot to talk about, I will split this up into at least 2 posts.

I took a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, traveled through Niagara Falls (which has nothing to do with baseball so I won't really cover that) and caught the Orioles' series against the Blue Jays in Toronto.

In this post I will share some pictures and thoughts about the HOF. This is my third time visiting it, but my first time in nearly ten years and I definitely appreciated it more this time than I did when I was younger.

This is a shot of part of the exterior of the Hall. As far as I know this was the original wing which has been greatly expanded over the years.

It was also my first chance to see Cal's plaque, which was a major thrill.

I think I did a lame little jump when I spotted it.

Since the Orioles have only been around for 50 years and don't have the history that many of the other baseball teams do, there aren't all that many O's displays in the Hall. Here are a few of the better ones...

This was by far the most extensive collection of Orioles jerseys/memorabilia in the entire Hall. It's nice to have some representation alongside the greatest collection of baseball artifacts in the world.

There was also an Orioles locker (disclaimer: it was shown with lockers from the other 29 teams).

And here are the other Orioles that are in the HOF. I only took pictures of the players that are shown representing the O's.

The Earl of Baltimore




and Frank

All-in-all the Hall of Fame is a place that every baseball fan should visit at least once in their life. My pictures don't do it justice, as there are thousands of things to see and check out while you are there. I highly recommend it. The town also has many baseball related memorabilia shops and other baseball themed things to do.

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