Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Matusz Post

Since Brian Matusz is pitching for the O's tonight, I thought it would be a convenient time for me to clean house with a few random pictures of him and and autograph that somehow slipped through the cracks. Here's to hoping that he can stop this nasty five game losing streak!

Here is a picture of Matusz from a game in Bowie approximately a week before his Major League debut. I can honestly say that the number of people that hounded him for an autograph before this game numbered higher than any I remember during Wieters stay in Bowie last season. Maybe they knew they wouldn't have many chances to get him to sign while he was with the Baysox.

Scott Van Pelt, a Maryland native of somewhere near Bowie, was the special guest at this game. My favorite part of his appearance was that they gave away bobbleheads of him that will be featured sometime on the blog.

This is Brian's first pitch at Camden Yards from this past Saturday. Yes it was a called strike.

Brian signed this for me at a recent O's game. It's amazing to think that he started this season at Frederick and made his Major League debut less than four months later. Now that's how you advance through the Minors!

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Anonymous said...

Good post. Go Van Pelt!