Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Delino Deshields-the Montana Non-Signer

Delino is a bad TTM signer, to say the least.  According to SCN, he hasn't signed a single request dating back to 2001.  So I was excited when he was named the manager of the Billings Mustangs, the Reds rookie level affiliate, prior to the 2009 season.  I figured that many guys won't sign from their home addresses but will sign from the stadium.  I didn't send out a request but I wanted to wait to see how other collectors' fared, and  I'm glad I didn't send anything out because "Bop" still hasn't signed anything.  It's not like I know anyone in Montana, so I wasn't sure where to turn next.

I got lucky and a fellow SCN member located somewhere a few hours from Billings posted that he was going to a Mustangs game and would get things signed for a few dollars each.  I jumped at the opportunity and I'm very pleased with how the card turned out.  I guess since Delino hasn't signed much over the years, his signature still maintains a resemblance to his actual name, especially his first name.  

Delino had a 13 season big league career from 1990-2002; one of his career highlights was finishing second in the 1990 National League Rookie of the Year balloting to the Braves' Dave Justice.  He played for the Expos, Dodgers, Cardinals, Orioles and Cubs and the trade the sent him from the Expos to the Dodgers for Pedro Martinez is considered one of the worst that the Dodgers franchise has ever made.  He played from the Orioles from 1999 until mid-2001 when they released him due to his struggles at the plate.

Bop was the Expos' 1st round draft pick(12th overall) in 1987, and his son, Delino Jr., was the Astros' #1 draft pick(8th overall) in the 2010 draft.  I guess that gives Junior temporary bragging rights, he just has to have a decent Major League career to keep up with his dad. 

Born in Delaware, Delino Sr. currently has the most all-time Major League at-bats for a player born in "the first state" and was inducted to the states' Hall of Fame in 2006.  I wonder how many other people are in their HOF?  There aren't too many people to choose from; maybe they should rename it the Delino De-Hall of Fame.


zman40 said...

Here is another guy that I had success with TTM in the '90s. I wonder why guys just stop signing like that. I doubt that the Mustangs manager's office was overflowing with fan mail.

Oh well, at least you were able to get it signed.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Yeah, it is strange. At least charge $ to sign TTM to give people an option, some will pay, some won't. Delino can't get more than a few hundred requests a year at this point. He could make some spending money that way.

unclemoe said...

Great card!