Monday, September 27, 2010

Orange Uni Autographs

It's a dreary Monday in Birdland as the O's are heading to Tampa riding a four game losing streak and the first series sweep since Buck took over the team.   As the rain continues to fall here in Baltimore, I'm trying to remain optimistic.  My motivation level is pretty low today too, so here's a post I've been sitting on for some time now: a bunch of Orange Uni autographs.

This is a part of my main collection as well as my orange uni autographs.  I got it signed through a private signing sometime earlier this year.

Fellow O's autograph collector Aaron hooked me up with this Aase-some card at an O's game earlier this season.

Up until recently, it had been years since I added a Leo autograph to my collection.  This season he has both been an Orioles Alumni signer on Eutaw Street and has taken over a coaching position with the nearby Aberdeen Ironbirds.

Scott McGregor, what haven't you done in the Orioles organization?  He's as easy an autograph as anyone in Birdland. 

I recently got this card signed through a trade on  I might have posted about the trade but I can't remember and I'm just lazy enough today to not want to look it up, so here it is, possibly again.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please EMAIL ME! I have a baseball bat signed by what people are telling me the 81 balt team.. Cal Ripken jr is signed on this bat, I really KNOW NOTHING about baseball. so email me at So I can talk to you about this..