Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Back Into the TTM Game

Since I began to officially collect autographs of the Orioles managers and coaches, I've started to send out some TTM requests once again. While they are slightly time consuming to prepare and send out, getting that little white SASE back in the mailbox is one of my favorite things to find when I get home from work. It's an immediate pick me up and seems to say "forget that silly BS that happened at the office, the evening is going to be better", or something like that.

Well, over the past week or so, I have received two of those little white envelopes in my mailbox. And I can now scratch Tom McCraw and Marv Foley off of my coaches need list.

Sending out these TTM requests for coaches has motivated me to start sending to some Orioles players who I could use upgrades for in my collection. So I hope to find a lot more of those little white envelopes in my mailbox over the coming months.


The Lost Collector said...

Looking forward to seeing your returns!

Paul said...

Good luck!

I love getting mail back, but as the time goes by I get worse & worse about wanting to find the time to write letters.

Ryan said...

Thanks, me too!

And Paul, I totally agree. I'm a major advocate of the hand written letter, otherwise I would be able to churn out requests much quicker.