Monday, January 28, 2013

Chris Brock, Finally

In my experience collecting Orioles autographs, some of the more difficult autographs to obtain are of somewhat recent players who were featured on a single card as an Oriole. When you are trying to get one specific card signed, it severely diminishes the chances that you will just happen across a signed copy of that card. It's not particularly difficult to find some sort of autograph of this type of player, but finding that signed Orioles card can be nearly impossible at times. 

Until recently, such was the case with Chris Brock, who is featured as an Oriole on just one card, itself in a relatively obscure set, 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man. In fact, this is the only card that pictured Chris with a MLB team, although he was also included in some relatively plentiful minor league sets. 

Well, I did some internet sleuthing, and was lucky enough to track down Chris online through his current semi-pro team. The team put me in touch with the man himself, and he was kind enough to get back to me with his address. He signed, and personalized, his one and only Orioles card for me. Unfortunately, the marker he was using had pretty well faded by the time he got to his signature, but after searching for a signed copy of this card for about five years, I'm not gonna complain.

Thanks for taking the time to sign for me Chris!


Paul said...

Congratulations on getting the elusive Orioles card signed.

Aaron said...

Congrats on a tough one! Would you mind emailing me the address you used so I can send the same card out to him?

BTW, did he spell your name wrong? Looks like he spelled RAYA or RAYN.


Orioles Magic said...

Thanks Paul!

Aaron- sure, will shoot you an email. And yes, I think he did spell it wrong, which was a little disappointing but I guess better than nothing. I was actually going to send him a few copies of this card to see if he would sign some for others but this was my only copy of it.