Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Contest Update Following the Division Series

Here is the updated bracket following last night's Rangers victory over the Rays. That upset flipped the bracket upside down, as the Rays were the team that 11 of you selected to win the World Series, and the Rangers were selected to win the whole thing only in Play at the Plate's heart bracket. I guess this means that he is either a genius or a superfan, but either way props to him! Only eight of you even picked the Rangers to top the Rays and as you can see, it helped six of them to stay in the running to win the contest.


I apologize for the tiny type, but this was the only way to get all of your information to fit on the screen. Click on the picks for a larger view if you would like. 

Essentially, those of you in the blue (and white) are still alive in the contest, with Dion, Play at the Plate's head bracket, and madding still perfect through the first round. 8 others are still going strong, with zman and Play at the Plate having a major advantage since both of their brackets are still in play. That's what they get for plugging my contest! I like to think that it brought them good luck (sorry dayf, it didn't work for you). 

If you are in the green, that means that you are eliminated, so since yesterday, we also lost:
Justin 2
Steven M
The Ranter
Anthony K
dayf's head bracket

That's gotta be especially tough for Steven M, Slangon, JoesAutographs, The Ranter, Anthony K & dayf's head bracket since they had been perfect until the Rays knocked them out of contention.

Good luck to the 11 of you who still have a chance to win!


Dion's IP Autos only said...

Looking to 7 for 7 not a bad start with getting the first 4 out of the way! we will see tho!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Good luck Dion!