Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Orioles Autograph Year in Review- Hit or Miss Signers

If you've been enjoying my review of the 2010 O's signing habits, there are four more posts about it after this one. If you think it's been boring and don't care about it, it's halfway done. So that should keep everyone happy.

Today, I'm going to cover the players who didn't seem to often, but when they did, they signed a lot.

After Jake was called up, he seemed to sign pretty frequently, and for a number of fans. As the season went on, I feel like I saw him signing less and less. So that's why he's in this category!

Josh seemed to sign for most people down the right field line when he did sign. Like Jake, he seemed to sign more frequently around the time he was called up, and less so as the season went along. I also got his autograph at a private signing, and the pen he was using wasn't great, but at least I have him on an O's card now. 

Chris bounced back and forth between AAA Norfolk and Baltimore this season, so that might have affected his signing habits this year. Last year, I ranked him among the best signers, so I hope that his signing regression isn't permanent.  

Jeremy always seems to have an interesting attitude towards the fans. He seems fairly nice, but also a little cocky or stuck up, if that makes any sense. Well, when he signs, he will cover quite a few people, but other times he will avoid the fans like a plague. He's pretty hard to read, but for being the O's #1 pitcher, I have a number of autographs from him. Last season, I rated him as a kind of good signer.  

Corey didn't sign with much frequency, but he would also sign for a lot of people once he started. I'm not sure if it's like "once I start, I'll just keep going, but then not do it again for a month", but he always seems very nice when he did sign.  


I'll wrap this group up with the player who I would say had the strangest signing habits on the team. Julio signed for me pretty early in the year, but then I came across an Orioles postcard that I wanted to get signed, and it took me like three months to get it done. And it's not that he wasn't signing, but that he seemed to sign around me a few times. I'm not someone who he would recognize since I'm not one of those people who are at every game and then go sell their haul. I graph an average of once a week, so who knows what it was, but I finally got my postcard, and this card, signed in July.


Matthew said...

I had an interesting experience with Jeremy Guthrie at Spring Training. We brought down one of those banners (the kind that hang on light poles outside the stadium that you can buy at Fan Fest) with him and A.J. on opposite sides. My brother hung it over the wall and started calling his name, and Jeremy came right over. For some reason, the rubberized material of the banner would not take the Sharpie ink very well. He seemed really concerned and explained how we could use baby wipes to get the ink off, and offered to sign again if we came back with another pen the next day.

I don't go for signatures very often, but I thought that was a pretty special experience. We never tried to get him to sign again, but the banner looks pretty cool anyway with the spotty signature.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Matthew- I'm glad that you had a good experience with Gut, that's a cool story. He has been a pretty signer since I've been back into graphing.