Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Saturday Autograph- Donell Nixon

Continuing my "tradition" (I started last week) of Random Saturday autographs, I present to you Donell Nixon. 

He was a big-time speedster in the minor leagues who once stole 144 bases in only 135 games during the '83 season in the Mariners farm system. He only played in 208 big league games over four seasons with the Mariners, Giants and O's; appearing in just 8 games for the O's during the 1990 season, which would be his last Major League action. His claim to fame seems to be that he is Otis Nixon's younger brother.  Once I read that, I can see it but it seems like Donell lucked out in the Nixon family looks department.  You know what I mean. 

I picked up this autograph on ebay. Donell's autograph starts out pretty well for his first name but his last name appears to be half of an N and something that looks like a lower case cursive L. 

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