Tuesday, October 5, 2010

T Minus 23 Hours Left to Enter the Contest & Minor Leaue Free Agents

Thanks to everyone that has entered my MLB Postseason Bracket Contest so far.  If you want to enter, you still have time, but the contest closes once the first pitch is thrown in the Rays-Rangers game tomorrow at 1:30pm Eastern.  Good luck everyone!

In Orioles news, four minor leaguers have elected to become free agents.  They all appeared with the Orioles at some point over the past two seasons, but none were considered a major part of the Birds' 2011 plans.

Goodbye for now to...

Scott Moore, a former Cubs prospect, who played in 62 games for the O's in 2007-08 & 2010.

Alberto Castillo, the 2nd Alberto Castillo to play for the O's, who pitched 62 games out of the 'pen from 2008-10.  He was good in '08 & '09 but not so much this season.  

Cla Meredith, who the O's acquired from the Padres in July 2009.  I was excited since he was a submariner, my favorite style of pitcher, but a 4.33 ERA over 50 games, especially his 5.40 ERA this season, just wasn't good enough.  

And Michael Aubrey who looked pretty decent over 31 games as a September call-up last year.  Injuries prevented him from making it back to Baltimore this season.  

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