Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy "O"pening Day!

I know that yesterday was technically MLB's Opening Day but the O's first game is tonight, so I've decided that today is my "O"fficial "O"pening "O"bservance. "O"K I'll stop.

Anyway, Jimmy Key is the autograph of the day since he was the Orioles' Opening Day starter in 1997, the last season the O's made the playoffs and had a winning record. Maybe by showing his card today, some of that '97 Orioles Magic will rub off on the 2011 squad.

What's that? You say that my blog has nothing to do with the Orioles on the field performance? Well then, good day to you sir. I say good day!

(For the 2-3 of you that might have noticed or care that I'm skipping Unpossible Autograph Friday, it just seems like too much of a downer to write about a deceased player on the day of the first O's game of the season. It'll be back next week)

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