Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Excited for FanFest- Updated

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I know that I haven't said too much about it this year, but Orioles FanFest is this Saturday and I'm poised to add autographs of potential future Orioles like Darren O'Day, Dana Eveland, Matt Antonelli, Taylor Teagarden, and Jai Miller to my collection. I know that most fans and collectors would be uninspired by that list, but since I need autographs of everyone who plays for the O's, I prefer to make a preemptive strike while I have the chance. I have no idea what the new guy's signing habits will be like, so I like to get their signatures when I know that I can. Of course to get the autographs of the new players, I'm also in line to get autographs of a few guys named Palmer, Markakis, Hardy, and Wieters, whoever they are (zing).

In the meantime, I've been trying to swing some trades on to add new Orioles players to my collection. So far, I've added signed cards of Teagarden and minor league free agent, Scott Beerer, but I neglected to scan the autographs. I will say that I was very unimpressed by their penmanship, and struggled to make out a single letter in either "signature".

Update- See what I'm saying about these autographs?!? C'mon guys.


zman40 said...

Yeah, those are bad. I've gotten Teagarden before, and while one orf mine might have looked a tad bit better, you still cannot make out anything except for a couple of loopy "T"s. Still, it's deffinitely not what you would expect from someone with such a long name.

Craig said...

Wow, Teagarden's signature is awful. And I loaded up on cards of him just for Saturday, haha! See you then Ryan.

Ryan said...

Yeah, I know it must suck to have to sign such a long name over and over but give me a Ta--- Te----n or something!
See you then Craig!