Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Training Autographs- The Likely Orioles

Up today are some more of the autographs I got on my Spring Training trip. This group of players have not yet played for the Orioles but I anticipate their doing so at some point this season. I'll start with the players who I feel are most likely to make the team and work my way down. 

I heard stories that Tsuyoshi was a tough signer, but he seemed pretty nice when I asked him to sign. The O's inked him from Japan to a two year deal, so he seems like a near lock to play in Baltimore this summer

Betemit also signed a two year deal, so he's very likely to play for the O's as well. In fact, I predicted that he would be the first player to debut as an Oriole this season. 

Lindstrom has been having a nice Spring, and I think he will be one of the main power arms out of the 'pen this year. (In person, I would say that Lindstrom doesn't look much like a baseball player)

Endy's been having a nice Spring and is pretty much a lock to break camp as the fourth outfielder. 

I would have Luis a little higher, except he's been having some mild allergy problems in Florida. I doubt that it changes the likelihood he makes the team, but it could.

 Ryan Flaherty is likely to spend the entire season as the team's utility infielder, and has a clear leg up on the other guys competing for that position due to his Rule 5 pick status, but he's not guaranteed anything at this point.

If Nick stays healthy, I'm pretty sure he will be heading north to Baltimore, but that's a pretty large if, considering his lengthy injury history. 

Pat's been having a nice Spring so far, and I'm certainly pulling for him on personal level, since he's the rare active player who is a card collector too. And look at that awesome signature, with the sweet seams in the P. That's great stuff.  


zman40 said...

Nice Wada signature. I know you got a pack of Soft Bank Hawks cards from the CWS contest last summer. Surely you were not lucky enough to pull that card from there.

Orioles Magic said...

Zach- believe me, I checked my pack immediately after we signed him, but no, he wasn't in there. I bought a lot of his cards on ebay.