Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cards From the Netherlands

I recently completed a trade with Jeroen who writes The Dutch Card Guy blog from across the pond.

He contacted me and told me that he had a bunch of cards from my set needs list so I went looking for some cards that he might like. I think we both walked away happy with the swap.

I once again failed to take pictures of any of the cards I needed for my sets before filing them away, but I did snap a picture of the three awesome Vlad cards he included.

I particularly like the fluorescent card on the left, but you can't really see what it looks like from my picture. Just trust me that it's flashy and gaudy and amazing.

Thanks again for the trade Jeroen!


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Good to hear you like'em ! Thanks for the trade and looking forward to the next one !

Orioles Magic said...

Oh yeah, they were great, thanks again!