Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TTM Success- Tony Chevez

I recently received a comment on this post that I wrote about Tony (and Dennis Martinez) back in March 2011, and the commenter mentioned that Tony lived in the Rochester, NY area. Since Tony grew up in Nicaragua and I've heard relatively nothing about him over my years of collecting, I figured he returned to his home country after his playing career ended. 

I decided to do some online research to see if I could corroborate the commenter's claim and sure enough I came across an online article about Tony and the work he was doing with his church in Rochester. It referenced his baseball career and the picture clearly was the same guy as is pictured on his Crown card, albeit thirty years later. So I found his address and sent out a TTM request. I figured that it never hurts to take a chance.

Sure enough, one week later, this was waiting for me in the mailbox.

I'm not sure if I got lucky, or if no one has had a reliable address for Tony in recent years, but Tony seems to be a gracious signer. 

The signature on the TTM is slightly different than this one that had been in my collection, especially the T, but there are enough similarities in the rest of the signature to make me confident they are both of the same guy.

Thanks for signing Tony!

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