Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recent Orioles Autographs

In addition to the few in-person signed Orioles postcards that I wrote about the other day, the Orioles graphing has been pretty bad so far this year. I suppose I can deal with it as long as the team continues to do so well.

Even as Adam Jones' star has risen, he has remained a good in-person signer. Good for him.

Chris Davis seems like a jovial sort of guy and seems to be one of the more fan-friendly players on the team.

Being the rookie on the team, Ryan Flaherty seems to get pushed into many of the less desirable activities on the team. Like signing autographs, and catching the first pitch. But it's all part of the territory and it's better than being a AAA veteran. 

I was surprised to get Buck at Camden Yards. I didn't have much luck with him in Baltimore last season.

But my favorite of the bunch is this Endy Chavez autograph on his first Orioles card. 2012 Topps Heritage came out shortly after my spring training trip, during which Endy had also signed for me. From his reaction to the card (he was showing it off to a group of teammates) it seems like this was the first time he had seen it. It's a short print so I doubt that too many people will be getting it signed, but to an Orioles autograph collector, I prefer a card like this to be signed 100% of the time. 

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