Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jose One-Ups Josh

I had the "luck" to attend last night's Orioles-Rangers game in which Josh Hamilton went deep four times in the game. I do appreciate historic baseball achievements (and I actually read that 4 HR games are rarer than perfect games) but I would prefer those type of things be done against teams other than the Orioles. 

Jose Leon, who played with the Orioles from 2002-04 and made his Orioles debut on 6/16/02 as Oriole #712, one-ups Josh in that Jose hit 5 HR' his MLB career...which spanned 88 games over those three seasons. 

OK, I got nothing. Sorry for the lame attempt, and well done Josh. All the same, I can't wait for you and your team to leave Baltimore.


night owl said...

The Rangers were the team that scored 30 runs against the Orioles a few years back, too. Hope you weren't at that game.

Play at the Plate said...

Night Owl, you didn't have to remind him of that.

Dion's IP Autos only said...

if you consider the last at bat the night before Josh was 6-6 with a double and 5 HRs hmmm Leon whole career in about 24 hours and 6 at bats! Also, heard that some one said the over under on Hr's by Josh today durring the double header is 6!!!! lol riddle me this batman why are they pitching to him roll the ball up there and point to first base. NEXT!

Orioles Magic said...

Yeah Night Owl, that was cold. Haha, I'm ok with it now but it hurt back then. I was actually at the movies that night and got messages from a few friends saying things like 30-3 haha. I figured it was an NFL preseason score (since it happened in August) so I didn't mind until I got home and figured it out.

Dion- Good point, and even crazier to think about it that way. I had no idea why they continued to pitch to him on Tuesday.