Monday, September 21, 2009

Markakis trade

I'm in a bit of a blogging slump right now. I have a bunch of new autographs that I need to scan but haven't found the motivation recently. It has something to do with another dismal season ending with the O's at the rear of the AL standings. I don't have too much that's good to say about a team that's only better than the Pirates and Nationals. Hey, at least we will get a great draft pick!

Nick Markakis 2006-forever hopefully

I got this in a trade with another Ryan. It is currently my favorite Kakes Jr. auto, but that's not exactly a huge accomplishment since my only other autograph of him is his Topps rookie card that is plagued with Adam "traitor" Loewen.

I'm torn about how to feel about Nick Markakis. On one hand, he is arguably the best player on my favorite team. He is young and consistent and should be good for years to come. He should be in Baltimore through at least 2014, hopefully a veteran leading a young Birds team to their 2nd straight World Series. (I'm not a dreamer at all, I swear)

On the other hand, Markakis is about the worst signer on the team. He is one of very few players that has been on the roster all year that I don't have an in-person autograph from. And it's not like I have just missed him a few times. I don't think I have seen him sign more than 10 autographs all season at the Yard; and I don't count when an Orioles employee grabs him after BP to make him sign for some family or group. It really grinds my gears that he doesn't sign more.

So if you are still following my rant, I support Nick because he does seem to have the most Superstar potential of the Birds but I don't count him amongst my favorite O's since he doesn't look out for his fans or autograph seekers.

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