Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SCN trade-Raul Casanova

Raul Casanova 2002

This is another card that came my way from SCN user michaeland. There are probably 10 more cards from this trade to show, but I am trying to limit my posts to one card at a time.

Raul's career with the Orioles was a mere blip on the radar; it lasted all of 2 games and one at-bat (a strikeout) at the end of September 2002. Do you remember it? I sure don't. He doesn't have any cards featuring him in an O's uni so this Tigers card works for me.

Outside of his brief time with the Orioles, he has played for 5 other MLB teams, mainly the Tigers and Brewers. Raul is what I would describe as a AAAA player who has had some success in the minor leagues that rarely translates to the big league level for any period of time. He is a back up catcher though, and that's a position that normally lifts a middling player onto a major league roster.

For now, Raul played his last game in the Majors for the Mets in June 2008. The most recent information I could find on him shows that he played the '09 season in the Mexican League for the Broncos de Reynosa.


Core Contrarian said...

Actually, I rememeber when Casanova was coming up through the Tiger farm system and he was considered a prospect and people were a little excited when he was called up. He then started playing and the excitement quickly went away.

Collective Troll said...

Core Contrarian hit the nail on the head... Raul was gonna be the next big thing, Gary Carter with speed and more power. He was gonna change the game. I think he was on the cover of Beckett once as a top prospect to collect about 15 years ago. Of course, you know what happened...Glad you got the graph. I am finding it really hard to find autos of people in my teams uniform who only played one game or season. Impossible actually. You bend your collecting parameters as you need to, I guess. Seems like your doing great in your quest, though. Continued luck and success to you!