Monday, September 28, 2009

TTM Success-Aubrey Huff

I know that I've complained in the past on here about Aubrey Huff and his signing habits at the ballpark (or lack thereof). In my many games this season, I did not see him sign one thing for anyone at an Orioles game. The only two times I saw him sign over the past two seasons were an O's-Nats game in DC and an O's-Rays game in Tampa Bay. Both times he signed for about 5 people and I missed the cut. And say what you will about this, but I am more likely to cheer for a guy who signs for fans than one who doesn't. Aubs frequently would give little kids a cold shoulder too. That ain't cool LoveSponge!

Well anyway, it turns out that Huffy is a decent TTM signer so I sent this off to him shortly after he was traded to the Tigers. It came back in about 3 weeks, which is a quick turnaround since he would've been on a road trip or two during that time. So I'm now happy that Huff Daddy is going to make the playoffs with the Tigers; as long as they hold off the Twins. It seems like I like him more now that he is on the Tigers.

Aubrey did provide me one of my best baseball memories when I had the pleasure to be at the O's game on June 29, 2007 when he hit for the cycle. It was very exciting to see in-person and was the first time a player hit for the cycle at the Yard.


Collective Troll said...

NICE! I got my first and only Huff auto in a trade. I sent him a TTM request in May while he was still with the O's, I've given up hope on that. I didn't realize that Huff hit for the cycle, that is awesome that you saw that in person!

Orioles Magic said...

Yeah, Huff is definitely a tough signer. If I had a Rays auto of his it would be yours. Thanks Marck.