Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nats Picnic in the Park And Get Well Nyjer!

I wanted to lead with something about Nyjer Morgan but couldn't make it sound right, but I promised Kalina that I would post about Nyjer, our pictures of him, and his ill-timed injury this week.

This post is going to showcase the pictures and autographs that I got two Saturdays ago at the Nats Picnic in the Park autograph/meet the team event, highlighted by Mr. Morgan.

Who's that guy? It's Nyjer!

He was very cool and even knew a little bit about baseball cards; mentioning both Upper Deck and Topps to us as the Nationals assistant next to him kept trying to get us to have his Nats program card signed.

I decided to have him sign my 08 Heritage rookie card.

Ron Villone (with his son) was at the table with Nyjer,

and did a double-take at the 15 year old card I had of him.

Another highlight was getting Adam Dunn's autograph...

on this sweet Topps Trading Card History card.

Dunn was at a table with Jorge Padilla, who I didn't have a card of.
But he made this funny face at Kalina when she took his picture.

Rob Dibble was showing off his crazy tattoos.

Saul Rivera and Ronnie Belliard (obviously pre-Dodgers trade)

This is one of the cards the Nats have been giving out in their game-day programs all season.

Ronnie was really cool to the fans.

JD Martin(on the left) and Mike MacDougal were at a table together.

J.D. needed a new sharpie.

I'm a big fan of Mike's autograph for some reason.

We ran into Elijah in a hall on the club level.

Jason Bergmann representing the Nats

And finally, Marquis Grissom was signing for everyone. Did someone say mid '90s Braves?


zman40 said...

Looks like you had an awesome day there. Nice one on the Adam Dunn.

Do you think that Ron Villone always signs autographs with his gloves on? I wonder if he throws them away after the signing. The double takes are always cool when you bust out an old minor league card for them to sign.

That's a great face by Jorge. I didn't realize that he was on a big league roster. I saw him in AAA in '04 and AA in '07 and never realized that I had an '03 Topps Heritage card of him until last year.

Overall, it looks like you raked at the picnic in the park. Good job, even if they are not O's.

On a side note, I'm still heading to Baltimore next week. But, instead of going to the game on Wednesday (the 16th) like I origianly thought, we are more likely to go on Tuesday. But, I noticed that the O's alumni signing is on Monday and was wondering if that would be a better date. How far in advance are the alumni rosters put out?

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks, it was a good event. And I didn't even think about that with Villone, that's a good question. I don't think he had seen that card in a few years but it was the only one I had of him!
Jorge wasn't listed on the roster the day before this event so I didn't even have a chance to look for cards of him.

Just let me know when you want to come a day or two ahead of the game and I will make sure we are covered on tickets. Monday and Wednesday are both O's Alumni signings but they don't post who is going to be there until game time, so that's normally a problem.