Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't Forget to Enter the Spring Training Contest Entries Updated @ 10am

In case you missed the post yesterday, I'm holding my Spring Training Contest again. It's really easy to enter. You just have to be a follower of my blog, pick a team and their Spring Training record. That's it.

Here's the updated list of the teams, 13 are still available! Also I need a guess at team's records from Captain Canuck, BA Benny, Daniel & Nathan.


Atlanta Braves (35) Captain Canuck
Baltimore Orioles (32) Ryan 20-11 (1 rainout)
Boston Red Sox (35) JoesAutographs 23-12
Cincinnati Reds (33) Zach 22-11
Detroit Tigers (34) FanOfReds 22-12
Florida Marlins (32) The Dimwit 24-10
Houston Astros (35) Johngy
Minnesota Twins (32) dawgbones 24-8
New York Mets (35) Paul 25-10
New York Yankees (32) BA Benny
Philadelphia Phillies (35) Daniel
Pittsburgh Pirates (33) Billy 16-17
St. Louis Cardinals (31) Greg Zakwin
Tampa Bay Rays (32) Mark 21-11
Toronto Blue Jays (31)
Washington Nationals (30) Aaron 18-12


Arizona Diamondbacks (37) unclemoe 16-21
Chicago Cubs (34) Justin 24-10
Chicago White Sox (32)
Cleveland Indians (33) night owl 21-12
Colorado Rockies (33) CPD 23-10
Kansas City Royals (32) Alvin 21-11
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (33) The Angels in Order 18-15
Los Angeles Dodgers (37) Jonathan 25-12
Milwaukee Brewers (32) Matthew 22-10
Oakland A's (35) Nathan 23-12
San Diego Padres (31) Rod 20-11
San Francisco Giants (36) Kirk 23-13
Seattle Mariners (32) Mariner1 20-12
Texas Rangers (31) Play at the Plate 19-12

I've been showing O's autographed cards that seem to show pictures taken during Spring Training. I figured that today is a good time to show my autograph of baseball lifer, Davey Johnson. He played for the Orioles during their late 1960s-early '70s heyday and was the last manager to lead them to the playoffs in 1997, something he did in consecutive seasons to boot. While he's currently a senior advisor to the Nationals and has no involvement with the O's, I can hope that by my showing his card today, some mojo might rub off onto the 2011 Orioles. It can't hurt, right?

In a way, I think that Buck Showalter seems to be a similar type of manager to Davey. He speaks his mind and the players seem to be extremely ready to play for him. I hope Buck can find Davey Johnson-esque success while at the O's helm. That would be awesome. As of right now, Buck's .596 winning percentage is the best all-time of any Orioles manager who led the team for more than 30 games.


FanOfReds said...

Ok, Red Sox at 25-10.

Johngy said...

Can I get the Astros at 23-12?

Greg Zakwin said...

I'll take the Cardinals, 25-6.

Nathan said...

Ooops, forgot that part, A's goe 23-12

Aaron said...

I'll take the giants at 20-16. Thanks!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Thanks for the entries guys. FanOfReds, sorry but the Sawx were picked on the original post. Feel free to grab one of the teams who are still out there!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Aaron, sorry just updated the list and the Giants were taken in the other post. There's still a few decent teams out there.

night owl said...

I'll go with the Indians for the second year in a row. 21-12.

The Angels In Order said...

LAAAAA Angels. 18-15.

The Dimwit said...

I'll take the MArlins at 24-10

Billy said...

Can I take the Nationals at 15-15? Thanks!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Billy-The Nats were just taken, please pick either the Tigers, Pirates, Blue Jays or White Sox.

FanOfReds said...

I'll try the Tigers at 22-12

Billy said...

Dang, can I try the Pirates @ 16-17?