Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Orioles Magic

Wow, how has it been a week since I've written a post? Where does the time go? Well, I know at least some of mine has gone to watching some, largely satisfying, Orioles baseball. The O's have now locked up their first winning record since 1997 and can hopefully make the playoffs for the first time since that season.

I'm hoping that tonight's starter, Wei-Yin Chen, can keep the Orioles' winning ways rolling along. He has been the only starter to last the duration of the season for the O's. Nice rookie campaign, Wei-Yin!

The team has also been helped by the emergence of one of their top prospects, Manny Machado, whose play at third base has been nothing short of stellar, which is particularly remarkable since he had played shortstop for most of his life.

And don't forget the contributing players, like the currently hot Endy Chavez, who have kept the Orioles moving in the right direction. Endy wasn't even going to be recalled to the team in September until Nick Markakis's injury forced the O's to bring him back.

I just hope that the Orioles can keep it together for the next two weeks, and then hopefully the proceeding month! Let's go O's!

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