Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Kyrgyzstan, Go Kyrgyzstan, Go!

So I ended up with Kyrgyzstan in JD's Wild Cardz Olympic Contest (that's their flag there for those who didn't know, myself included). I was initially excited, since the country name supposedly means either forty girls or forty tribes, and has a population of 5.5 million. I had to win, right?!?
It is located in central Asia, just south of Kazakhstan (Very Niiice, Jagshemahsh, etc.), west of China, north of Tajkistan, and penetrated by Uzbekistan. See more on the map below from this website.
I should be money to win this, right? You are wrong, sir. I am totally screwed. Guess how many Olymipic athletes Kyrgyzstan has competing in these 2010 Vancouver Olympics? C'mon, what do you think? Did you say 0? Well, that's the number of Olympians competing for my adopted country. Also, they have never won a single Olympic medal, ever. Garbage, I say.
It makes it easier to root for my country now...U-S-A! U-S-A!


zman40 said...

You were given a country that isn't even in the game? That sucks!

cynicalbuddha said...

And I thought I was screwed with Kazakhstan but at least I've got a figure skater with a shot at a medal and when I say shot I mean as likely as being visited by martians to have a martini.

kmsals said...

5.5 million people and they can't find one olympic quality skier. They just aren't trying - smile.
I'm with you - USA, USA