Monday, February 1, 2010

Trade List Updates

As I sit here one autograph away from being 75% done with my task, I want everyone to know that I (finally) updated the Orioles autograph trade list on the sidebar of this site. For anyone who collects autographs, there might be something that interests you. Specifically you Orioles collectors, of course.

In addition to just updating the list with what I have, I also added detailed information about every card that I have for trade. So set collectors might be able to find something to help them out too.

I always enjoy trading so please check it out. And if you want to see all of the autographs that I have for trade, check me out on SCN, my user name is salsmanado.


AlbuqwirkE said...


Where is your email address?



zman40 said...

You know I'm interested in the DeCinces '81 Donruss. I didn't even realize he was an O then; I always picture him as an Angel.

I went through your want list and couldn't find much to help you out. I do have a Norm Charlton card if you want it. It's not an O's card, it a Red card. But, it would be a start.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Kris-Thank you for letting me know that I somehow didn't have my email address on the site.
It will be in my information section from here on out but it is salsmanado at gmail dot com.

I sent you the Decinces today. You don't need to send anything my way in return but I could use a Charlton. He is a tough signer and only has a few O's cards so I would be happy with the Reds card.

kmsals said...

You'll break 75% when I send your package with the Koji and Nieman.
I have a 2010 Topps O's team set that should arrive tomorrow so your package will go out Thursday.

zman40 said...

I got the Charlton out today for you.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Sals-thanks for everything as always. Trading with you is the best!

Zach-thank you, I appreciate it.