Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thank You Billy! AKA Dave Van Gorder Finally Knocked Off of My List

I've long tried to add Dave's Orioles Crown card to my collection since it's the only card that pictures him with the Orioles, but things never quite worked out. Dave would sign some TTM requests for other collectors, but mine always went unanswered.

Originally, I had a signed Reds card of his in my collection, and eventually acquired a signed Rochester Red Wings card, which was a half-step upgrade since it was at least an Orioles organizational card, but the autographed Crown card continued to elude me.

Until I was able to work out a trade with fellow Orioles collector, Billy, who has also written an Orioles autograph blog, Billy's Orioles Collection. He very kindly left a hole in his collection by trading away his signed Van Gorder Crown card, which Dave had signed TTM for him, but I knocked out a number of people on Billy's need list to make up my end of the deal, including the Van Gorder Red Wings card, so at least he still has a signature of Dave's.

Thank you so much Billy, I really, REALLY, appreciate the trade.


Billy said...

Wow, I really need to update my blog! Thanks again for the trade, they all looked awesome! I feel honored to further your awesome collection! Go O's!

Orioles Magic said...

Glad you liked everything and that it worked out. Again, I really appreciate your help! Let's hope 2013 was as much fun as 2012 was!