Monday, April 20, 2009

Cards bought at the show & some new TTMs in!

Due to the request by the ladies at Dinged Corners, I decided to get my most recent cards pics up tonight.
I told you they weren't that exciting. I have current, but not-for long, Oriole Brian Bass and former Oriole Denny Bautista. They were cheap authentic autos so couldn't pass them up. Also, I'm positive there aren't any Bautista Oriole cards and was under that impression about Bass until I discovered an orange and black jersey card tonight.

Also, in the past few days, I got TTMs back from three great guys who all took the time to personalize them too! Thanks to Bob "Rocky" Johnson, Bobby Floyd & Tom Shopay. Floyd looks like he was pretty excited and gave me the full card auto.

And finally, here is the Steve Trachsel auto card that Paul's Random Stuff sent me last week.

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