Sunday, April 26, 2009

A win on a Sunday?!

It was a great day for a baseball game...very hot, but a beautiful day nonetheless. And the Orioles won on a Sunday. And for those of us who suffered through last season's months long Sunday loss streak, it is definitely a good thing! It was a great come from behind win, too. B-Rob, Jonesy, and the bullpen saved Brad Bergesen from his first career loss. B-Rob hit his second HR of the series and went 4-5. Roch Kubatko reports that the O's are 5-1 this season when Roberts starts the game with a base hit. Not too shabby!

To top off the nice W was the fact that it was a great day for autographs. Sundays are the best day to get most of the pitchers, especially the bullpen guys as most days they shag some fly balls in the outfield and then head out to the bullpen. But on Sundays, they throw around on the field since there's no BP. A majority of the O's pitchers signed for me today.

Here are the cards I got:

Kalina actually got Mark, who was also the first completely new-to-me player auto I got today

The above statement isn't 100% true since I didn't have Rich Hill's auto, but since he has yet to play for the O's I can't really count him toward my goal yet. I also dropped the ball on this one as I thought he was on the DL so didn't have his card. O well!

I already had JJ and C-Ray autos but I got them on Ebay so these are the first cards I got them to sign in person

This is the second time I got Sarfate to sign but the first time I got Dennis to sign a card of his own. He signed for me in Tampa last season (see below for proof) but it was a team card that I also had Rocky Cherry, Fernando Cabrera and Lance Cormier sign, so I don't know how to catalog or use it.

Here is the card I got signed today, ending months of turmoil and sleepless nights caused by not having his card last year...

Luke Scott signed again for me for the 2nd time in as many games

I was also very close to getting B-Rob's auto, but I was ok with that since he signed for 50 other people. I was even closer to getting Cesar Izturis, which wasn't as cool since he literally signed for 3 people and I was probably the next person he would have signed for. Step it up Cesar, maybe if you signed a little more your fielding would improve!


Dinged Corners said...

These are top-notch. Luke Scott seems nice. Do you agree?

Orioles Magic said...

He seems very nice and in tune with the fans much more so than other players. I never want to bad mouth anyone or name any names of players that ignore the fans. But LUUUKE is at the opposite end of the spectrum; he signs more often than not and always will talk to the fans too!