Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day Excellence

Well as I said Sunday night, you can't go 162-0 if you don't win your Opener. And not only did the O's win, but they won over the billion dollar Yankees & the most expensive starter in baseball. See ya CC! It was one of the most exciting Opening Day games that I can remember, from Adam Jonesy's triple to Guthrie's overall dominance and especially our "light-hitting" shortstop, Cesar Izturis, going yard! It was a beautiful 10-5 win over the team and it's fans that I enjoy defeating the most.

CC did not strike a single Oriole out (only the 5th start of his career that he didn't have at least one K) and the traitor Teixeira went 0-4 only reaching base on a walk. We also booed the hell out of him every single time he came on the field, left the field, stood in the on-deck circle, scratched himself, or really made any movement at all.

Even though I wasn't convinced that he would sign with the O's, it was still a major disappointment that not only did he act like he didn't want to play here, but the jerk then signed with the worst team in baseball (you know you agree with me) and said that he always rooted for them growing up. HEY MARK, MARK TEIXEIRA, YOU'RE FROM SEVERNA PARK, MD; 19 MILES FROM BALTIMORE AND YOU ALWAYS ROOTED FOR THE YANKEES?!?!! Nevermind man, I'm glad you're not playing here. Take that BS to Broadway and I hope you choke on the big stage.

LET's GO O's!

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