Sunday, April 12, 2009

Notes from Friday's game

So I've had a busy Saturday/Sunday of Easter weekend, but wanted to pass along a few things from Friday's game.

First off, the game had the first full stadium wave of the season. Not that I consider them to be overly exciting after a full season of witnessing them, the first one is always a nice sign that baseball is back in Birdland!

I wanted to also comment on the overall excellent OF defense that the Orioles have this year. Freel, Jones and Markakis were able to track down almost anything the Rays could hit at them. There was one play that concerned me a bit however. A Ray, I think Pat Burrell, hit a pop up to shallow left center that both Jonesy and Izturis were tracking. Neither of them appeared to ever call for it and they nearly collided, allowing the ball to drop between them. While, I'm very glad that neither appeared to be hurt, I would like some better communication out there! We can't afford to lose either of them to injury!

Also, since Lance Cormier appeared in relief for the Rays, I wanted to pass along a quick story from his O's days. Last season I happened to be in the Orioles Store in the warehouse at the same time Cormier was and, since he wore #54 for the O's last year, he was excited that a lot of the Orioles gear had '54 listed on them (signifying the first year the Birds started playing in Baltimore). I told you the story would be quick, and relatively interesting!

Finally, I wanted to pass along that Kalina sent out her first TTM request yesterday, well at least the first since Edgar Martinez shunned her years ago. Her request went to Mike Hessman, a player in the Tigers system, whom we saw play this Spring. He is a gigantic 3rd baseman who clobbered a HR to deep left field, at the same time adding at least one new fan. I hope that he comes through for her! The ball is in your court Mike.

I hope that everyone is having a great Easter weekend, if you happen to celebrate it! And let's all hope the O's can finish off the sweep of the Rays today. It's been a great start to the season.

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