Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Orioles Fanfest Recap

Good evening everyone, I hope that all of you Orioles fans out there had a great time at FanFest today. I know that I did! I have to thank my parents and my fiance for helping me to get all of these autographs.

First off, for the Bearded Orioles fan that had to work today, I present to you some crazy pictures of Nick Markakis.

It was like Peter Griffin's beard from that episode of Family Guy. Some sparrows were nesting in it.

I was able to finally get my first in-person Markakis autos too. It's about time!

I also got my first autographs from Kevin Millwood & Garrett Atkins. I got them both to sign a baseball card, from the Rangers and Rockies respectively, as well as an O's player card to add to my collection. That's the best I can do until they have Orioles cards, probably in the late 2010 sets.

Atkins didn't exactly look thrilled to be there. I mean, I understand that signing autographs for hundreds of fans isn't exactly thrilling but this was his first impression to O's fans. Step it up buddy!

Nolan Reimold signed his first official Orioles cards for us too. Kalina kind of liked getting to see him and got her Reimold jersey signed too.

Dino also signed his first O's card to add to my collection.

For some reason, he thought that signing this card in silver sharpie would make the autograph "stick" to the card better. I wiped all my cards down so it wouldn't have mattered in my case but I get where he's going and respect that he noticed something like that.

JJ mentioned that every time he sees the card on the right that he wants to add a mustache to it. I said, go ahead and do it but I think he thought I was kidding so he didn't. Maybe I will try again at Spring Training.

I really like the Topps 206 for autographs. So I got Pie to sign both his base card and the Piedmont mini.

The last time we saw Lou was in Frederick at the game on my birthday while he was on his rehab assignment.

I really wish that Sarfate had more than two Orioles cards. I have gotten this card signed a number of times now.

Erbe was the only prospect that I got a signature from. I hope that he moves up to AAA this year so he can pitch for the O's soon.

Frohwirth is the only O's alumni autograph that I got and I believe this card is my first in-person auto from him. You know I like those submarining pitchers!

I picked up a flex plan of tickets to Frederick Keys games that netted me this sweet new Matusz bobblehead, too.

All in all, things at FanFest were a little wild and unorganized but now that I've had a few hours away from the lines and crowds, I had a great haul of autos, cards, and goodies.

Thanks again to my Mom, Dad and Kalina. You guys are great for helping me out with my autograph collection (obsession). Oh, and Mom thanks for the Andino autograph (haha).


kmsals said...

We had a great day too! What a haul of autos for your collection.
Mom says to say "You're welcome".
We enjoyed the day with you and your wonderful fiance!

Mr. Scott said...

Seems like you had a really successful day...

unclemoe said...

Wow great day!


zman40 said...

A 'stache from JJ would have been great. Maybe next time.

Looks like you did well and had a good time. That's great!

Collective Troll said...

Looks like you did great! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff man! I was able to add/upgrade about 12 or so players in my collection. My wife and I managed to snag 27 different players between the 2 of us today, including some big ones like Wieters (my first autograph of his), Markakis (signed a warmup ball that he threw to me last year and I've been wanting to get signed ever since), and new aquistions Millwood and Gonzalez. Didn't get Atkins like I hoped though. Also, I missed out on the one that I wanted most of all, Jim Palmer, to get Wieters. A great day overall though!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It looks like you did really well.

B said...

I just found your blog via Google and I must say, good luck! I was at fanfest Saturday as well and agree it was a little crazy but I still had fun!

Good luck on your mission!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, it was a really great day!

Anonymous said...

I was curious as to whether either one of the Markakis autos would be up for trade? I have a Koji Uehara card if you are interested.

If you can, email me at

beardy said...

Holy crapola that is one sweet beard! I'm sorry to have missed it. Stupid freakin' job.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Beardy-maybe he will do it again next year!