Friday, January 8, 2010

Orioles Siggy Awards

Piggybacking off of a great idea from the ladies at Dinged Corners and further inspired by Paul's Random Stuff 's addition to the field, I present to you my Orioles Siggy Awards. I have eliminated all Minor Leaguers from consideration since they would dominate at least one of my categories (most legible autograph).

Best (only) TTM Return From a Player Inducted Into the Hall of Fame in 2010:

Best TTM Return From a Player Who Was Mysteriously Not Voted Into the HOF
but Should Have Been in 2010:

Best Use of the Letter "K" By an Oriole:

Best Uniform Number Placement:

Most "Unique" Autograph:

Most Legible Autograph:



Least Legible Autograph:


Current(many options for this one):

Most Amusing Use of Card Space for a Signature:

Least Amusing Use of Card Space for a Signature:

Most Frightening Picture/Painting on a Signed Card :

Most Unique Personalization:


kmsals said...

For my money the most legible autograph retired is Cal Ripekn Jr.
I have seen and have several of his auto cards and every one of them is similarly legible. One of the few players that you can acutally read the auto without a picture and know who it is.

kasliwi said...

Hilarious. I like the Fred Valentine, Charlie Maxwell, and Mike Gonzalez awards. All well deserved! Great job!

Collective Troll said...

very well done, NEVER GIVE UP!

Dave said...

Personalized Robby Alomar?! Nice work!! That is an awesome card.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate it.