Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RIP Ron Moeller

Ron "the Kid" Moeller 1956, 58 (died 2009)

As I was perusing my new Harvey Meiselman baseball player address list last night, (another great Christmas gift from Kalina!) I noticed that Ron Moeller passed away this past November 2nd. He is the first guy to have died that had recently signed a TTM request for me; this past summer I sent him a request on June 30th and it was back to me by July 10th, so he was an extremely quick signer. I know that this is almost two months after he died but I still wanted to write something about him.

I mentioned Ron in a post showcasing some of my recent TTM successes shortly after I got this card back so I don't want to repeat too much from that post but felt like I should add on to it.

Although I already have mentioned how young Ron looks in the picture on the card, I neglected to mention his very fitting nickname, "the Kid". The other Orioles player bestowed that on him due to his boyish looks and the fact that he made his MLB debut at the young age of 17. Interestingly, he was out of baseball after the 1963 season and had thrown his last pitch at the age of 24, around the age that many current players make their debuts.

He passed away in Cincinnati, his hometown where it appears he lived his entire life outside of baseball. Thanks for being a great TTM signer during your time with us Ron. Rest in Peace.

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