Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Being Swept Has Me Down

Even though we swept my second least favorite team over the weekend, being swept by my least favorite team always makes me mad.

So here's a card that also makes me mad and ties everything together. At least somewhat.

This is not the famous HOF inductee Frank "Home Run" Baker. This Frank Baker doesn't have a nickname as far as I can tell but staying with the nickname theme of the other Frank, I will call him Frank "No Hit" Baker.

This Frank played in a grand total of 146 games over four seasons, two each with the O's & Yankees. He hit .191 with 1 HR over those games and played mostly shortstop. See why I gave him his nickname?

And if you are still following along, do you want to know why this card makes me mad?

OK, well I got this card on eBay and had been outbid multiple times on this card before. Not this exact card, but similar ones. It wasn't that much money but it was too much for a guy that played in only 146 games and is still alive. I know he was a Yankee, but c'mon man. I had to pay about 10 cents for every game he played. That's crap. And why this card makes me mad. At least it's in my collection, but it will never be one of my favorites. And I can pretty much blame that on the Yankees.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Frank passed away earlier this year.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

That was actually a third Frank Baker, who had played for the Indians in 1969 & 1971.

Anonymous said...

was that picture taken in Yankee Stadium?? was just looking at the facade behind him.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure it was. Good catch! And another O's-Yankees connection.