Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TTM Success- Kal Segrist

Kal played only 20 games in the Major Leagues, 13 with the '52 Yankees and 7 with the '55 O's.
While I was researching him, I noticed that Baseball-Reference.com shows him having worn 2 different uniform numbers for each team. If you click the link, you see those team colored numbers in the circles about a quarter of the way down the page? That's them. Seems strange that he would have worn 4 numbers while playing only 20 games. Maybe it's wrong, I don't know how to look into that for confirmation one way or the other.

Kal was a part of the famous 17 player trade between the Orioles and Yankees prior to the 1955 season. It was the largest trade in MLB history. Can you imagine a trade involving that many Major Leaguers today? It would probably be followed by more than a few Front Office firings.

After his playing days ended, Kal went on to become the head coach for Texas Tech's baseball team from 1968-83.


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