Friday, May 21, 2010

Chris Potter Private Signing Pays Off

Since I run an ad-free blog, I normally don't go out of my way to pimp any commercial websites. But I recently participated in a private signing through Chris Potter Sports and I was very pleased with the experience, so I wanted to share it here.

Chris started his business this year and operates out of a Baltimore suburb, so I feel a slight connection to him because of that. He seems like a nice guy and he has been very helpful and responsive every time that I have been in touch with him. I know that you are always taking a chance when you send some money in an envelope with your card. You have to hope that the player or signing coordinator is honest and will deliver what you paid for. And Chris came through for me with this card...

I nearly missed the deadline for his Tommy Davis signing but luckily got my card to Chris the day before he was leaving for the signing. I had the card back in just over a week from when I sent it to him and he didn't cash my check until the card had been signed, so those are some of the reasons why I feel confident that Chris will responsibly handle anything sent his way. He lists all of this signings on the website I linked above as well as on SCN under the username Rip8cp1.

Chris also has very reasonable prices. I was able to get my own Tommy Davis card signed for the same price as many ebay buy-it-now prices. I prefer being able to chose the card that is signed and I hadn't seen this '76 Topps signed for some time and it was the card that I wanted him to sign. It worked out perfectly.

So go check out Chris Potter Sports. He has a few big name signings coming up.


Anonymous said...

I got a Tommy Davis autograph through this signing, too. Maybe next week I'll even get around to posting it. :)

I've dealt with Chris twice and I've been very happy with his service.

Orioles Magic said...

Cool, thanks Paul. It's good to hear that Chris has been reliable to others as well.