Monday, May 3, 2010

A Highly Successful Bowie Baysox Meet the Team Day

The Baysox had their first of three scheduled Meet the Team days last Sunday, April 25. I always like these since they are the perfect time to get your picture taken with the players.

Kalina took my picture with...

Zach Britton

Brandon Waring

Caleb Jospeh

Wilfrido Perez

And Ryohei Tanaka

Here are all the cards that I was able to get signed (with Kalina's help). These events are great for getting a ton of autographs and are great to get the guys who are typically tough signers.

Like Joel Guzman, who prefers to avoid fans if possible. He was nice enough and didn't seem to mind signing. I was expecting him to be surly but he was cool enough.

All of the other Baysox players and coaches are normally good about signing.

Adams mentioned to Kalina that he does not like the picture on the card to the left.

Pedro's autograph didn't turn out great but I have a bunch of his signed cards so it's all good.

Rojas also used a thin sharpie but it works well on this card.

The Figueroa boys were at the same table. Kalina definitely got a picture with the two of them that she likes quite a bit.

I think she also got a picture with Tyler, who wasn't making this funny "fielding-a-ball-face" in their photo.

I think I have about 20 Komminsk autographs at this point. But since he was just sitting there...

It would be nice if Steve had any other cards that I could find. These are cool and all, but they're the only ones I have.

One-time O Jim Hoey was very cool, and even mentioned that sometimes a sharpie will smear on his UD card. Good looking out Jim!

Moe is always very nice and even tossed me a ball from the dugout during the game.

Kennie, who is the Baysox pitching coach this year, didn't sign at the official event but I caught up to him on the field. The pitching coach and that day's started never sign at the Meet the Team days since they are prepping for the game.

Zach and Wilfrido were nice enough to not only pose for pictures with me, but to sign my cards as well.

If any of you ever have the chance to get to any teams' Meet the Team events, I highly suggest that you do so. They are awesome for getting autographs or pictures. If that's not your thing, it's a great way to speak to the players for a few minutes too.


Rod said...

I wish the Beavers had an event like this each year. Have to guess which three guys will be signing on a Sunday. Do you ever see Durham, there is a former Padre minor leaguer there that I need a signature of, Jose Lobaton? I could send you some cards of him.

unclemoe said...

Great pics! Great cards! Great day!


TheBrooklynMet said...

The Baysox have such a classic minor league stadium. Though, I liked the Keys' stadium a whole lot more.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Rod- Unfortunately, I don't ever see Durham. The closest team they play is in Norfolk and I get down there once a year at best. If they are playing the Bulls when/if I make it this year, I will let you know.

Thanks Moe! I agree.

Brooklyn Met- I agree about Bowie & Frederick. The Keys stadium is nicer at this point. I wish the Baysox would do an upgrade at some point.

gcrl said...

that's pretty cool. joel guzman was going to be my baseball salvation when he was in the dodgers' organization. i wonder if he would sign ttm?

i do try to get to the twins autograph party every year, but it's hard to get more than just a few autos.