Saturday, July 16, 2011

Orioles (Affilate) Bobblehead of the Week- Bowie Baysox Mystery Bobblehead

Recently, the Bowie Baysox (AA affiliate of the Orioles) had a pretty awesome bobblehead giveaway. They decided to hand out 500 random bobbleheads from their past bobblehead giveaways from over the previous five or six years. Essentially, it was a cleaning out your closet type of thing, but it gave their fans another opportunity to pick up a bobblehead they missed the first time around.

I've pretty much picked up all of their player bobbles from the past 3-4 seasons, and I don't care much about non player bobbles, but they advertised that some older bobbleheads would also be handed out, so I made the trip to Bowie, hoping for the best.

To avoid people specifically targeting any specific bobbleheads, the staff had placed all the giveaways in bags, but luckily they were of the translucent plastic variety, so you got an idea of who you might be getting. I snagged an unfamiliar shaped box and hoped for the best.

I realized pretty quickly that I selected a bobblehead that would be new to me as I didn't have any that they gave away in 2007 since that was before I got back into Minor League Baseball.

My box had pictures of three possible bobbleheads. In order of who I hoped was in my box, there was...

 Nick Markakis (can't go wrong with one of the better O's from recent years)

 Erik Bedard, who was briefly an Orioles Ace

And Chris Ray, who was a good closer for some time, but was the least exciting of the trio
Without further ado, my bobblehead was....
 Chris Ray, of course

I'm still happy to add a new affiliate bobblehead to my collection, but it was a mild letdown considering my other options.

The bobble actually looks reasonably like Chris; here's the best comparison I can offer.

 You can at least see the resemblance.
Here's a few other shots of the bobblehead, in Dodgerbobble style.

Chris sure is happy to have a bobblehead, isn't he?

From the right...

And the left...

 And this one's for the laaadies. As if any women read my blog.

Last week I promised to announce the winner of the Adam Jones bobblehead today, but I'm gonna do it tomorrow. That gives everyone one more day to comment and enter. Good luck to you all!


dodgerbobble said...

That's a cool promotion, even if they were getting rid of the extras. I'd show up for this.

The Ray bobblehead is pretty cool too. I Love the sideburns and the slight lean. The O's and their affiliates make some nice nodders.

Can't wait to find out who won the contest.

Greg Zakwin said...

That Markakis Bobble looks really, really angry haha.

And that's a pretty sweet promotional giveaway idea.

BA Benny said...

Looks like Bobble Ray was arrested and you showed all the mug shot angles. Nice score for your collection!

dawgbones said...

I actually went to see the Norfolk Tides play last season on Bobblehead night, and brought home.... a football player!! go figure!!

Ryan Denton said...

That's a sweet promotion! I came across a similar promotion at a spring training game this past year.

Craig said...

Speaking of bobbleheads, I'm looking forward to the Brian Matusz giveaway from the O's. At this rate though, it looks doubtful that Matusz will be up with the major league team...

Can't wait to see who's the winner of the Jones bobble!!

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the Chris Ray bobblehead? Would you sell or trade it?